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The new Artists’ Cafè program

What is Artist’s Cafè?

Artist’s Cafè is a new brand under the pegaso company that is entirely devoted to make new sculptors grow in the market through our help.

It’s an artistic program where the artists involved will concept and sculpt the pieces and Pegaso/Kimera staff will help them in various ways: improving the ideas and the technical aspects, producing the models, packaging, commercialization, panting and many other little things.

The aim is to make the artists grow while keeping their own voice. This doesn’t mean that we will accept anyone under the Artists’ Cafè program, we choose the ones we think they have the potential to grow or to bring a new vision to this world.

So Artists’ Cafè is a brand of miniatures made by various artists outside Pegaso and Kimera that we are helping come out in the market and they directly gain money from the sales they do here in the website. When you buy a model from Artists’ Caf? you are actively helping those sculptors to emerge with their original work.

You can find the Artists’ Cafè shop here:

Who are the first two artists in the cafè?

We started this idea with Lorenzo Nino Lorenzoni under the Pegaso Models brand since a couple of years. Producing his own vision of historical models, that you could already buy on the website prior the creation of this new program. He will soon present some fantasy ones too!

The second one is John Achab. Achab is a nickname for a new italian sculptor that’s trying to show his imagination to the miniature world. He’s very prolific with his vision, he draws many strange and visionary characters and then bring them to life in traditional sculpting.

So if you want to support new Artists and their unique vision and innovation in the miniature world, this is the way!

And if you are interested in participating in the program as an artist, write an email to: specifying in the subject that’s for Artists’ Cafè.

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