Belmuth Bust TUTORIAL – Fabrizio Rusto Russo – PDF (eng)

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This is a downloadable PDF tutorial about painting the boxart of model Belmuth released on the Tenebrae Kickstarter by the award winning painter Fabrizio Russo.
It’s 54 pages long.

You’ll find these chapters:

  2. First Decisions
  3. Techniques
  4. Values
  5. Color Theory Pills
  6. Point of Entry
  7. Painting the Skin
  8. The Leathers
  9. The Fur and the Pelts
  10. Non Metallic Metal
  11. Fabric
  12. Freehands
  13. Base
  14. Conclusions

Free sample: you can find in the pictures of this product a sample of the tutorial, check it out!