More purchases you make, more discounts you get, permanently! For each product you buy through the site you accumulate points, for every net euro spent (taxes non included) you accrue 1 point. Once you reach a fixed number of points your account will increase in level. Each level has its own percentage discount on the whole catalogue. For example, the first unlockable level is BRONZE. When you arrive at the BRONZE account you will have 5% off the entire catalog permanently. When you arrive at the DIAMOND level, you will get a 25% fixed discount on all products! The more you buy, the less you pay! IMPORTANT: the points are added to your account AFTER the shipping of your order, to avoid gaming the system.

You can see the status of your card in the private area of your account.

You can read more explanations about it here:

In our newsletter you will find news about the next releases, so you’ll get the opportunity to buy them before the people who aren’t in the newsletter and this is especially important for the limited releases and for launch promotions. In addition to that you’ll sometimes receive discount codes, free tutorials and some other exclusive stuff.

You can find the download within the private area of your account on this site and you should have also received an email with the download link. We don’t send physical copies. We don?t plan to have physical copies at the moment.

Yes. The Bellerofonte Studio is our painting studio that mainly deals with painting many of the boxarts of our products and the members of the studio are: Pietro Balloni, Francesco Farabi, Riccardo Agostini. You can find painting tutorials from us and our collegues here:

We also have a youtube channel here:

If you wish to ask us a commission you can send us a request using the form in the footer.


We ship worldwide with international tracked mail and DHL. We grant free or reduced shipping at 120€ for Europe and 150€ for the rest of the world.

Paints will be shipped outside EU with FedEx or equivalent courier because of changes in customs’ policies. Despite in the cart you’ll find written that we use international tracked mail, we have to use couriers because the normal post offices don’t accept anymore parcels with liquids inside. You are still paying the normal shipping costs of the international tracked mail but you’ll get upgraded to a courier. The downside is that some countries customs could ask you for fees if you are outside EU, depending on the country.

This is completely out of our control and there is no way of doing it differently for now. If we find a solution we will change the system ASAP. Remember though that if you are not in EU you are already not paying VAT.

If you are in the European Union we will ship for free the orders over 120€. Worldwide we offer a reduced rate for orders over 150€. Outside European Union we have to calculate the weight of the shipping and we price it accordingly for orders weighing over 1kg. If you reach 150€ of orders you get a 15€ discount on shipping though, making it effectively 0€ if the weight is below 1kg.

For orders over 1kg outside EU we charge around 10-15€ after the discount is applied. So you effectively pay 10-15€ instead of 30€. This is because the shipping companies increased their prices by a huge amount and we are seeing even 80€ of shipping per parcel on our side for some countries like United States, China or Australia. We did our best to reduce this rate but shipping was costing us more than directly not selling our products in those countries. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Delivery times vary by country. Usually the preparation and shipping of a package takes around a working week to be processed (except items on preorder and during some very stressful periods like November and December or during a pandemic/war/apocalypse). We do our best in any case.

For European countries packages usually arrive in 5-10 days from the departure, while for non-European countries the duration varies mainly due to customs. Usually customs take 1 to 3 weeks to clear a parcel, although in very rare cases it can happen that the packages are held longer. These delays do not depend on us, but it’s very rare that a parcel doesn’t get delivered.

You can find the tracking in the private area of your account here on the site but you should also have received an email with a tracking code inside in case you want to check the status.

Yes, you can upgrade your shipping rate and choose DHL express delivery that will bring the parcel to your home in roughly 1 to 3 days everywhere in the world after being shipped from our warehouse. If you upgrade to DHL you won’t get the free shipping anymore.


Send us an e-mail using the form below. it is mandatory that you provide us with a photograph of the product box that you purchased for which you want the spare part. In this case, we will provide you with an estimate with the cost of the operation (product manufacture, cost of the part and shipping).

Normally out of stock models take about 1 month to become available, unless they are part of the “Pegaso Classics” category. In that case the time could be longer. If you see a pre-order item that you wish to buy, you can read the availability time directly on the model sheet itself.

If you have any problems with a product, please send us a message using the form in the footer and we will be happy to help you solve any problems. It is mandatory that you provide pictures of the problem and a picture of the original box to prove to us that it is an original Pegaso or Kimera product, otherwise we will not proceed with the replacement. It is, however, our job to assess on a case-by-case basis, to verify that the part is actually broken due to shipping/our oversight during quality control.

We do not offer refunds for digital content. Since you can’t give us back the product, we can’t give you back the money. The only instance in which we can refund you is if you buy by mistake multiple instances of the same identical digital product.

Preorder products are made on request. Producing and shipping a preorder product takes longer than an already available product. Delivery times are written within each preorder product, but it is possible that due to production those times may sometimes be higher or lower than expected.

No, our models are sold unpainted and mostly unassembled. But we also have a related painting studio that provides this service. You can inquire on the service by sending a message using the form in the footer.


We also sell physically with our booth at many European fairs and we have some stores that resell our products. If you see our products on an online store at a very different price than ours, it?s because those are counterfeit copies. In that case can expect to receive the product without the official package, with casting issues and poor quality overall. We won?t provide any customer services for those who buy those counterfeit copies.

You can contact us through the form in the footer. 

We will be happy to answer as soon as possible to every request to sell our products by providing all the useful information to a fruitful collaboration. We apply discounts to retailers based on the amount of product ordered.

We run an endorser program with owners of channels of youtube, facebook, instagram, twitch and more. The conditions to see accepted the request of endorsing are to have an IG, Youtube or TikTok channel with more than 10,000 followers, 5,000 on facebook, 3,000 on twitch. Having these numbers does not automatically guarantee acceptance in the endorsing program but they are the necessary condition for starting a mutual benefit dialogue. For other media types such as Patreon, for example, we will evaluate it on a case-by-case basis. If you become an official endorser you will have many advantages provided by us in the form of free products, affiliate links and more.

If you are eligible, you can contact us at this email:

Yes, we may be interested in collaboration, sponsorship or participation. We will evaluate on a case-by-case basis, so please contact us through the form in the footer.