Pegaso World NEW website: how to save money with the Guild Cards!

This is the Pegaso World website, where you can find products from Pegaso Models, Kimera Models, the tutorials by Bellerofonte Studio and all the sculptors that will become part of our Artits’s Alley!

Pegaso Models:
Where you can find Historical Models and Busts like Napoleonic, Romans, Crusaders and such. 

Kimera Models:
Where you can find Fantasy Models and Busts like demons, mages, fairies and much more. Here you can find the best sellers Kimera Kolors, but for ease of use we added them in every big category to let you find them easily.

Bellerofonte Studio:
The place where you can find video and pdf tutorials on how to paint models, made by award winning artist all over the world.

More Products:
Here you have other products like Wooden Plinths, other fantasy lines and more sculptors in the future. 

In this way you can combine in your orders many different products and save money by doing so.

You want to know how?


The most important feature of this website is the GUILD CARD program, a way to earn a permanent discount on your account for every product in this website.

You get points for every ? you spend on any products in this website (not counting taxes and shipping costs) and these points will be saved on your account. The moment you reach a threshold you increase your guild level and you get a percentage discount on any products you’ll buy in the future, not just once! 

For example, from buying models you get enough points you’ll be awarded the Diamond Card, from that moment when you buy something you’ll get a discount of 25% on all the products you will buy in the future. A Diamond member will always see the prices in the website with the discount applied.

We want to reward our most loyal customers in this way, by giving them permanent discounts on EVERYTHING

The guild levels are:
Apprentice – You’ll start here
Bronze – 5% discount on everything
Silver – 7,5% discount on everything
Gold – 10% discount on everything
Platinum – 15% discount on everything
Titanium – 20% discount on everything
Diamond – 25% discount on everything

The system is automated, you don’t have to do anything. You can follow your progress towards the next guild level in your account:


To celebrate the opening of the new website, we also created the Pegaso Classics, a category where you can find the historical miniatures from Pegaso Models at a 40% discount price.

These models made the 25 years of history in Pegaso and you now have the chance to have them at a bargain. Also, if you’ll reach a guild level you’ll get a discount on top of the already discounted items. 


You also have 10€ of flat shipping costs everywhere in the world, with the option of paying more for a very fast delivery with express courier. You also get free shipping if you buy more than 120€ of stuff in Europe or 160€ everywhere else, with the option of paying for the express delivery if you wish.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter too, in this way you’ll receive news for the next releases, special discounts and some content made specifically for you (even some tutorials for both historical and fantasy techniques).


If you didn’t join already, we have a closed group on facebook where you can ask advices, get free tutorials and have a direct contact with the members of the team. It’s a friendly place where you can get feedback on your paintings and where you can ask informations directly.

The Club:

For now, that’s it. See you in

The members of the team: Luca Marchetti, Pietro Balloni, Francesco Farabi, Riccardo Agostini and the webmaster Drilon Hametaj.